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Social Interaction Anxiety Screening

Do you find it hard to make friends?

Do you have difficulty making eye contact with others?

Do you wish you were more assertive?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, come to Rm 215 in Tuohy Hall and complete a Social Interaction Anxiety Scale on Monday, December 3 during common hour.   I will review your results with you, and discuss ways to decrease social anxiety and improve self-esteem.

If you can’t make it on Monday, feel free to email or call me to schedule an appointment.

Denise Dicupe’, LCSW-R
Clinical Social Worker
The Counseling Center, Brooklyn Campus
phone 718-940-5734

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The Wellness Experience: A Day of Relaxation

Join us for “The Wellness Experience”, taking place TOMORROW, December 6, 2012 from noon to 2:00 p.m. in the college auditorium (BK). This event is an opportunity for the college community to come together, celebrate the end of the semester and enjoy a few hours of relaxation.  The event will include:

*free massages
*yoga, meditation and qigong demonstrations
*free soothing tea samples
*free manicures
*information on mental health, nutrition and aromatherapy
*free smoothies and healthy desserts

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Diversity Union
The Office of Multicultural Student Life

invite you to


 Represented Countries:

Peru, Africa, Ireland, Palestine,Jamaica, Pakistan, Latin America, India, Haiti,
England, Puerto Rico,
& many more!


Join us before and during the show for

“Fuse Your Brew” &“Nicaraguan Coffee”

Tea is enjoyed by cultures worldwide and its daily consumption offers a wealth of health benefits; we invite you to sample loose leaf teas from around the world and enjoy a Cultural Fusion by blending teas from two different cultures. $1 per cup includes a choice of 2 tea blends.

Coffee will be sold by the Nicaraguan Club


Don’t Miss A Wonderful Show! Bring your family & friends!

All proceeds will go to Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Focus on the Here and Now

So much of our time is spent focusing on what we have to do next that we forget to focus on where we are now.  We sometimes don’t realize that our days are filled with planning for the future, whether it be social gatherings, family functions, traveling, even what to buy for dinner!  All of this removes us from the now, not allowing us to enjoy what is happening in the moment.  Of course it is exciting to look forward to an event, a party, a celebration, but we must also remember to look at where we are now and savor those moments.  “As any Buddhist worth his salt will tell you, all we have is now. This is it! The future is a figment, and our past is unchangeable. So, the best chance we have is to work with what’s right in front of us”.  Life will always offer us something to plan for, which is why it is important to take a few moments each day and focus on where you are now.  To better understand how to achieve this, please click on the link to learn 4 simple steps about the here and now.
Photo by:  SnapAr on Flickr            License:  Creative Commons

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Rose Quartz

Said once a day, could go a long way…

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Digital Story – Catholicism & LGBTQ

PART II – Crossing Over

This is what I believe: although acting on your homosexuality is a sin in the bible, you truly love one person and forever, you are fine. People have relations all the time without love and regardless of the couple’s orientation, love should be between the partners. I know my Church does not support it and I don’t want to go against the word of God, I just want to stand for the validness of homosexual love. I would advise any Christian who is LGBT to commit themselves to one partner for the rest of their lives. Just as in straight unions, kids aren’t the only signs of true love between a couple.

I respect God for being God with humility and if I offend him by standing up for my brothers and sisters who hunger for an okay, then I believe he shall forgive us all. My heart’s telling me it isn’t wrong. I still have to research if it is healthy or not, however, if it is not, then I would still stand for people’s choice to follow their hearts in love. People know it is harmful to smoke and yet they do it, right? This act is done in better spirit of meaning, so I would let it be. If it we me, my parents’ wishes would come first as I do not wish to cause an uproar in my family on any side.

Yes, I am afraid. However, I am better off. I am certain that I am not wholly gay. If I end up loving a girl, so be it. If I am to be like that, I will pray at every chance for enlightenment. The whole notion of being perverted for being as you are does not make sense at present if every action is done in the spirit of love.

I don’t vouch for the Invetro Process, nor do I vouch for the person who wishes to call for or be a surrogate mother in any circumstance. However, for all people mercy shall be in my heart for them as it shall be in Christ’s Heart. I do not support these two practices for I know that life itself is no one’s to trifle with but His. He, certainly, does not trifle with life. Therefore, no pro-choice individual can say to me that we Catholics are hypocrites (in this sense).

I vow that I will never feel pressured to go back on my words that are above, and unfortunately, as there are rarely Pro-life candidates that are for gay rights, I will not be voting Democrat or Liberal. The invisible innocents are far too precious to endanger in anyway; they are, of the two, the more vulnerable party. So, to LGBT people I say I know who you are and I support you, and if love is at the center of your union, than God has already smiled on it. For those who know of the presence of a higher power then their justice is in God.

Written By: Mary Rose Rodriguez, SJC Student

Photo By: fotonaut       License: Creative Commons

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is two days away but there is still time to create delicious side dishes that go beyond cranberries, green bean casserole and stuffing.  Click here to view side dishes that you can incorporate at your next Thanksgiving dinner.  These recipes will be sure to please any guest.  Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by:  Wishuponacupcake on Flickr            License:  Creative Commons

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LI EVENT – Drink Your Vegetables!

Drink Your Vegetables!

Juicing Demo and Tasting Today

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Common Hour in the Cafeteria

Juicing vegetables achieves several worthy nutritional goals:

  • It provides important vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phytonutrients).
  • You can drink far more vegetable juice than you can eat vegetables in a sitting.
  • The body absorbs nutrients from juice very efficiently. It is more work for you to eat a plate full of vegetables than to drink the juice from that same food. It also takes your body longer to absorb all the good stuff when you are eating vegetables whole.

Juicing Tips:

  • Start with vegetables you know you like, or add some apple juice, lemon juice or ginger to those you think you might not.
  • Try some juiced vegetables at a health food store where fresh juice is made, before investing in a juicer or juicing blender. The one closest to the St. Joseph’s Patchogue campus is at Cornucopia in Sayville. The one closest to the St. Joseph’s Patchogue campus that I know of is at Cornucopia in Sayville. Others can be found by clicking this link.

And here are a few more links to helpful information about juicing:

If you are not eating your vegetables, try drinking them. And if you are a responsible vegetable consumer, juicing will add one more tasty item to your menu options. What is most important is to get the nutrition that vegetables provide. So get out of your comfort zone and try it today for free!!

Written By: Rick Miller, SJC Associate Professor of Art

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Beat Holiday Stress

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the start the holiday season is upon us.  Family gatherings, an abundance of delicious food and decadent desserts, company parties, all bring a smile to our faces; however, it can also bring on various levels of stress and anxiety.  From preparing the food, to keeping to your diet goals, encountering hectic travel plans, as well as family drama, the holidays can also be overwhelming.  Therefore, it is important to implement strategies that will help relax the body and mind.   To learn what you can do to have a stress free holiday, please click here.  Have a great Thanksgiving and holiday season!

Photo by:  faith gobble on Flickr            License:  Creative Commons

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Growing – Digital Story

      Suicide is never an easy topic to discuss but it’s a terrible thing that occurs. Sometimes individuals just feel so sad, helpless and alone; it seems that suicide is the best option to solve the problem — but it’s not. As one of my professors said last year in my Abnormal Psychology class, “Suicide is a solution to a temporary problem.” So whoever you are, if you are reading this, and have tried or thought about suicide, please hear me out! It will get better.

I know the feeling of loneliness and helplessness, and I have thought of suicide as a solution and it’s truly not. The solution is to overcome whatever barrier you may face, and that means taking care of yourself, going to see help or whatever it may be. Just know that there are a lot of people who would drop everything in a second to give you the support you need to help you, some people might even surprise you. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or like you’re a crazy person because you might seek out therapy. There is nothing wrong with you, you just need a hand, and that’s what the counselors at school, family, and friends are for.

Even though I am only 21, I can say this: there is a lot to see in this world we live in and there are a lot of wonderful people to meet and love. Throughout my life so far, I have traveled to Spain and Italy and made friends that have broadened my horizon in every way. Now I am not telling you to go drop 2,000 dollars to go travel somewhere, I just want you to know that there is a crazy amount of great opportunities out there, and to follow your passions, whatever they may be.

I have always felt a strong desire to help others, and if I could I would help everyone.  Of course I have faced a lot of negativity to the idea of me going into social work or counseling or etc.; however, working with and helping  others is what makes me happy, and I see it as a career where I will always be learning from others and really living my life to the fullest. So make sure you do the same. Make sure you live your life in whatever way that makes you happy. I really believe that if you take up something that you love whether that is a career or some sort of hobby, I guarantee you will always learn more about yourself. I will also say, challenge yourself to do something you have never done before; maybe even something that makes you uncomfortable or nervous. (You probably think this kid is nuts but hey, I’m me.) Hell I have done that a few times and on most occasions I’m happy that I gave it a try. I volunteered/worked at a psychiatric center and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Before I started it I was scared shi*less, but as soon as I walked into that building, and worked with the residents I was assigned to help out. Immediately my fears went to the wayside.

In my travels to Spain, and my experiences at home where I have tried different things I have learned one very valuable lesson, and that is: everything in life is a lesson. That was something my host father told me when I was living in Spain. He said this because at the time he was struggling with money to pay the bills. He was beginning to see everything he worked so hard for disappear, and his life-savings being drained. Although money was tight, he did not see this as a tragedy but rather as a reminder of what is important to him: his family. This is something that I saw amongst his family and their interactions.  Even though money was hard to come by, they still managed to have so much fun every day, make fun of each other (In a playful way), and just be truly happy. You could really feel the love between them all, and I could feel the love they gave me. After watching them, and living with them, it seemed like everything kind of clicked — you know that ah-ha moment? Well that is what happened, and when I came home I realized that I cannot be happy when I’m not doing what I love, when I’m listening to the expectations of everybody else, and  when I‘m not letting myself grow… But now I am. So whatever you may be facing take it not as a tragedy, but rather as a lesson, and grow from it. Things will always get better and the world is a lot better than most of us know.

I know I am no philosopher or guru (Sorry if I came across that way!).  I know I definitely don’t have all the answers to life and probably never will, but I do believe I have a few things figured out. So good luck, stay strong and let yourself grow.

Written By: Kyle Cattell, SJC Student

Photo By: Creative Commons

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