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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

3362825089_7b3fd7cb89_qDuring the week of February 24-March 2, the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) brings to light the importance of raising awareness regarding those individuals affected by eating disorders.  Eating Disorders can be broken down into 4 categories- Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating and Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (ED-NOS).  Each of these disorders stem from emotional and physical problems that include emotions, attitudes and behaviors that are focused on issues with weight and food.  Each category is also associated with different symptoms but all can result in severe consequences for both women and men.

What are the 4 types of Eating Disorders?

Anorexia Nervosa  characterized by self- starvation and excessive weight loss

Bulimia Nervosa– characterized by periods of excessive eating followed by purging or behavior used to compensate for the binge

Binge Eating– charaterized by multiple periods of binge eating but without compensating for the binge

Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified– includes a combination of behaviors and attitudes similar to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

More information about the symptoms for each of these can be found here. 

If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from an Eating Disorder, please know that help is out there.  You can call NEDA toll free and confidential at 1-800-931-2237, Monday through Friday, from 9-5pm.  Additional support links can also be found here.

Photo by: SergioTudela on Flickr           License:  Creative Commons

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Color Therapy

chakrasWhat Is Color Therapy?

Healing using colors was “en vogue” thousands of years ago and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. In India, ancient Indian scriptures, such as Atharvana Veda, speak of color healing that occurs with the rays of the sun. Further, traditional Ayurveda affirms the healing powers of colors.

Color Therapy also known as Color Healing/Chromotherapy is the use of color in various forms for creating balance and health within a human being. The human system includes the physical body, the emotional, mental, and spiritual body of an individual. Colors affect us in so many various ways. Color is one of the languages of the soul, just look at any visually creative painting that may be hanging on a wall in your home, or at your local museum. The majestic colorful Basilica’s located throughout the world are also a testament to the beauty of using color.

The beauty of color surrounds us. Color can influence our mood and emotions. Color impacts on our sense of well-being or dis-ease. Many of us have a favorite color. We avoid certain colors as a way of self-expression. Colors affect our way of perception. When painting a home, office, or any particular space, light colors make a space look big, a high ceiling will appear lower when painted in a dark color. Colors have a symbolic meanings which are immediately recognized by our subconsciousness. Colors influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies. Culturally, colors are viewed differently in accordance with specific cultural and traditional norms.

Color Therapy theorizes that our cells do react to various color frequencies and use these frequencies as a means of communicating information through the body. If we take a moment and visualize a rainbow noted in the sky on a clear day, the sheer beauty of it locks our eyes on it, me included. Every color naturally vibrates at a different frequency. Think about one of the many songs that resonate in our minds revolving around color such as, “Lady in Red” written and sung by Chris De Burgh. Mr. De Burgh was quoted stating that he wrote that song about his wife Diane. The color Red increases blood circulation. It seems that the color Red ignited the singer/songwriters creativity.

Color Therapists use colored silks on the body, primarily chakra centers. Natural fabrics such as cotton and wool carry healing vibrations. Silk is known to carry the highest frequency vibration of any natural fabric. Colored silks have the ability to resonate their signature color frequency to the physical body and aura. The energy of silk is soft yet potent, allowing the wearer to absorb the color frequency.

Colors Vibrations Defined
RED is initiating, pushes through, fire, stimulating, vitality, anger, life-force energy, revolution, change, ambition, grounding, Earth, Gaia, power, war, passion, alert, danger, pioneering, activity and force without consciousness, blood, positive, aggression, liberation, survival, material side of life, primal, awakening, emerging. In relation to the physical body, RED is good for circulation, chronic illness, non-infected wounds, scar tissue, strengthens kidneys, heart, muscles, blood, lungs, bones. RED lives in the Root or Base Chakra.

ORANGE is happiness, warmth, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, generosity, moves energy gently, awakening to wisdom within oneself, sociable, aspiring, gregarious. In relation to the physical body, ORANGE is good for depression, cramping anywhere in body, relaxant, sclerosis, heart disease, boosts immune system, circulation, raises blood pressure, artery disturbance (especially in legs), fear (alternate with blue), endocrine balancer (when used with blue), cleans and purifies hormonal system. ORANGE warms the Sacral Chakra of creativity.

YELLOW is learning, intellect, acquired/learned knowledge, individuation, mental alertness, concentration, focus, cheerful, sun, warmth, cleaning, fear, left brain, empowerment, self-esteem, confidence. In relation to the physical body, YELLOW is good for combating fear (obsessive, habitual), digestion, stomach, gall bladder, liver, immune system, fortifies endocrine and nervous systems, nerve tonifier, motor stimulant, assimilation, lateral disturbances, helps chronic to become acute. YELLOW represents the Solar Plexus Chakra.

OLIVE speaks of new beginnings, hope and peace. It is the color of new spring growth, life coming out of dormancy. lives in the area of the xyphoid process which is the bridge between the lower and higher Chakras.

GREEN is cooling, calming, soothing, fluidity, growth, balance, money/prosperity, birth, new beginnings, nature, health, healing, heart, loving, expansion, curiosity, good for people who do precision work, space, trust, feelings, integrity, harmony, seeking Truth, relationships. In relation to the physical body, GREEN is good for liver, swelling or growth, anti-inflammatory, eye problems, bronchial catarrh, gout, diabetes, cysts, tumors, pituitary stimulant, washes out endo-toxins, promotes healthy bones, painful joints, allergies. GREEN abides in the Heart Chakra center.

TURQUOISE is making contact with yourself, communication of the heart, creative communication, studying and gathering information, learning, unconditional love, self-respect, respect for all life, taking individual responsibility, silica technology: crystals, computers, media. In relation to the physical body, TURQUOISE is good for immune system, skin (burns and infections), mental relaxation, acidic, tonifier, regulates lung/large intestine systems. TURQUOISE stimulates the Thymus center, or Higher Heart Chakra. TURQUOISE resonates at the Higher Heart Chakra located at the thymus gland. This Chakra has only recently been discovered.

BLUE is calming, deep inner peace/”peace that surpasses all understanding”, nurturing Mother and protecting/benevolent Father, deep, restful, openness, cooling, relaxing, assists in making deep changes, higher mental activities (3rd eye), insight, wisdom, sky, water, sadness, faithful/tru blue, unity, safety, godliness, communication that comes through us, clarity. In relation to the physical body, BLUE is anti-bacterial, anti-infection, anti-cramping, headaches, helps farsightedness, facilitates restful sleep, pain relieving, nervousness, insomnia, hemorrhage, lowers blood pressure, fever. BLUE creates the open space for clear communication at the throat and resonates with the Throat Chakra.

INDIGO/ROYAL BLUE is the higher mind that is connected to the all-that-is, the akashic records, the cosmic library. It is the color that makes contact with your “inner vision” or intuition, that part of you which sees beyond the five senses. It resonates at the causal Chakra at the back apex of the head. INDIGO/ROYAL BLUE says claim your inner power. INDIGO/ROYAL BLUE resonates at the 3rd Eye Chakra.

VIOLET is stimulates emotions, meditation, inspiration, intuition, inner emotional release, opening inner doors, stimulates dreams, wisdom, spirituality, higher mind, power, Thy will, letting go, vision, transformation, alchemy, loyalty, synthesis, integration, mysticism, clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience, service, union, artistry, balance of male and female. In relation to the physical body, VIOLET is good as for menopause, spleen, sedative, relaxant, build leucocytes, lymphatic relaxant, soothes solar plexus, neutralize mercury from fillings, anti-viral. VIOLET, a combination of blue and red, connects the spirit and matter of yourself at the Crown Chakra.

WHITE/CLEAR pigment is the lack of any color, while WHITE/CLEAR light contains all colors. Since all colors are present, white does everything on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. White is about purity, innocence, softness, illumination, release, brilliance, radiance, transcendence, merging with God/Goddess/Universe/Nature/Spirit or whatever one calls their higher power. In relation to the physical body, WHITE/CLEAR is good for everything as the innate intelligence of the body will take whatever colors it needs. WHITE/CLEAR, being all color, resonates with not only all Chakras, but everywhere in our Being. White is often associated with the Crown Chakra.

MAGENTA is connection with Divine Love, caring in the little things, Love from above, beyond passion into compassion, abundance that is always there. Magenta connects us to what it is like to exist out of our physical bodies as pure Spirit. MAGENTA is that in-between place, the place beyond the veil of the physical. MAGENTA resonates above the Crown Chakra.

Go ahead…try wearing a brighter color. Wear a color that you find personally appealing and/or calls out to your inner Being. Wear a color that stands out and see how it makes you feel…

For more information on Color Therapy click here and click here

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Relationship Issues Workshop this Thursday! (BK)

Relationship Issues Workshop is being held in Lorenzo Hall 3rd Floor this Thursday, February 28 during Common Hour, 12:40-1:30pm (BK)Learn how to identify if you are in a healthy relationship, the signs of an unhealthy relationship and why relationships are so hard to get over.

Call or email Denise Dicupe’, LCSW-R to register at (718) 940-5734 or We hope to see you there!


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G is for Good-for-You GARLIC!

GarlicTruth be told, I couldn’t wait for G week.  There are times I stand alone in my love and loyalty for garlic.  I realize however, I may find myself standing alone simply because of the after effects of eating raw garlic.  I’m almost certain however, that once you read the specs on this malodorous marvel, you too, might overlook the strong odor and be singing the praises of its salubrious side effects.

Consider this excerpt from NY Times Health (2007):

Garlic has long been touted as a health booster, but it’s never been clear why the herb might be good for you. Now new research is beginning to unlock the secrets of the odoriferous bulb.

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers show that eating garlic appears to boost our natural supply of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is actually poisonous at high concentrations — it’s the same noxious byproduct of oil refining that smells like rotten eggs. But the body makes its own supply of the stuff, which acts as an antioxidant and transmits cellular signals that relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

In the latest study, performed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, researchers extracted juice from supermarket garlic and added small amounts to human red blood cells. The cells immediately began emitting hydrogen sulfide, the scientists found.

The power to boost hydrogen sulfide production may help explain why a garlic-rich diet appears to protect against various cancers, including breast, prostate and colon cancer, say the study authors. Higher hydrogen sulfide might also protect the heart, according to other experts. Although garlic has not consistently been shown to lower cholesterol levels, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that injecting hydrogen sulfide into mice almost completely prevented the damage to heart muscle caused by a heart attack.

Many home chefs mistakenly cook garlic immediately after crushing or chopping it. To maximize the health benefits, you should crush the garlic at room temperature and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. That triggers an enzyme reaction that boosts the healthy compounds in garlic.

Garlic can cause indigestion, but for many, the bigger concern is that it can make your breath and sweat smell like…garlic. While individual reactions to garlic vary, eating fennel seeds like those served at Indian restaurants helps to neutralize the smell (for more info on fennel, see post for Letter F). Garlic-powder pills claim to solve the problem, but the data on these supplements has been mixed. It’s still not clear if the beneficial compounds found in garlic remain potent once it’s been processed into a pill.

(NY Times/Health/2007)

On a personal note:

A few years ago, I dabbled in “garlic therapy,” eating one raw clove, three times daily, in an effort to regulate my blood pressure naturally, without depending on drug therapy.  Follow-up physical exams revealed not only that my blood pressure was ideal, but that my overall health had improved significantly, and I’ve never looked back!

If you’re still not convinced, consider that garlic therapy has been used to ward off the common cold and even flu.  I’ll refrain from yammering on about the health benefits of raw honey until a future post, but my go-to concoction to make raw garlic more  palatable is to chop a clove or two, let it sit for a few minutes for optimum effectiveness, then add it to a heaping teaspoon of raw honey.  If you’re brave enough, take the whole teaspoon in one mouthful (it goes down easier than you would expect).

Still suspicious?  Consider this report from

Before vaccines and drug therapy there were, what we call today, natural remedies.  Often highly effective when used cumulatively, herbs and natural healing foods are excellent ways to not only prevent and treat disease, but to enhance overall well-being.  There are no negative side effects as there are with conventional treatments such as drug therapy, only myriad health benefits.

There are several natural healing foods that can be particularly useful to both prevent and treat the flu by boosting the immune system and warding off harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other microbes.  Especially during the flu season, include these immune enhancers into your regular diet.  Garlic is a great traditional flu remedy as it is an all-around balancing natural food.

Used by ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, as well as our own ancestors, garlic is a wonderful healing food.  It acts as an anti-microbial, assisting the body defend itself from harmful microorganisms.  It is more effective when used daily, as not only a flu remedy, but also to treat other respiratory infections such as chronic bronchitis, and recurrent colds, according to Thomas Hoffman’s Holistic Herbal (Element Books, 1996).

Garlic is also helpful for the digestive tract, supporting a healthy environment for good digestive flora.  A balanced environment for beneficial bacteria in turn supports the immune system.  It is also well-known as an excellent source of antioxidants, and as a food to help lower cholesterol levels.

Garlic cloves, rich in cleansing and stimulating volatile oils, can be eaten three times a day, with fresh cloves being the most effective. 

And before you reach for that daily vitamin, why not get your Bs and Cs the natural way?  Garlic is one of the many wonder-herbs that contains vitamins and minerals.  According to, garlic contains the following:

Vitamin C

According to the Linus Pauling Institute, vitamin C is important for the construction and maintenance of cell walls, especially the skin, connective tissues, bones, gums and teeth. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant within the body, helping to reduce the levels of harmful chemical agents called free radicals. Self Nutrition Data indicates that 3 cloves of garlic provide around 5 percent of the daily required intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin B6

Self Nutrition Data also indicates that the same 3 cloves of garlic deliver around 6 percent of the pyridoxine, also called vitamin B6, required per day by the average adult. This nutrient helps with the proper function of the nervous system, red blood cell formation, hormone activity and nucleic acid production, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Other Vitamins

Garlic also contains lower amounts of other vitamins. These include 1 percent of the daily requirement of thiamin, also called vitamin B1; thiamin, known as vitamin B2; and pantothenic acid. Trace amounts of vitamins E and K, riboflavin and folic acid are also available in garlic.

If you’re still not convinced, I can only assume that you’re either a hopeless sceptic or quite possibly, a vampire.  Either way, I implore you to consider adding a clove or two to your daily diet- and I promise, you won’t stand alone (you can find the rest of your fellow garlic-lovers quite easily).

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that incorporates raw garlic and yields a tasty dip for snacking:

Bulgarian Cucumber Dip

From Kate’s Global Kitchen

What you’ll need:

2 cloves garlic, peeled
1/2 cup shelled walnuts
2 cucumbers, peeled, seeded and finely chopped
1 teaspoon vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
2-4 tablespoons water as needed

Process garlic and nuts in a food processor or grind in a mortar and pestle to form a smooth paste. Stir in the remaining ingredients, thinning with water as needed, and add salt to taste. Serve with breads, crackers, or crudites.

Photo By: fotoGB (garthimage)    License: Creative Commons


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1a7e350a34bb6269dbc997a481e4dbf2What is a mandala? From the classical Indian language of Sanskrit it is loosely translated to mean “circle;” however, it is more than the simple shape. The specified orb represents structure, meaning, wholeness, and transcendence. It can become a piece of the ascetic reality, the emotionally body, the psyche, or the infinite order of things around us and within us simultaneously beyond just our physical mind. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON MANDALAS

 Mandalas exist all around us: the sun, the moon, the base of a tree, the celestial sphere, net orbital fields, the human proportions, religious symbols, number systems, the organization of waves in space, the structure of atoms.

Creating or viewing mandalas ourselves can be a great way to organize our thoughts, relax, meditate, or just have a fun time with.

The video below guides a simple and easy way to generate your own mandala. With a bit of practice and an open mind, may you delve deep into the confines of expression.

Picture by: Creative Commons
Link to: The Mandala Project

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Gluten- Free Living

6837021715_a4b680d37d_qFollowing a gluten-free diet?  Gluten- free became popular in the past few years as a way to treat people who suffered from celiac disease; meaning the body could not properly digest gluten, which is found in foods that contain wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats.  When someone who suffers from celiac disease ingests foods that contains the above ingredients, it can cause inflammation of the small intestine as well as other complications.  The best way to prevent these symptoms is to follow a diet that is void of wheat, barley, flour and rye.

In response to the growing number of people suffering from celiac disease, numerous products have been developed that are now gluten- free, such as bread, pasta and desserts.  With a little bit of research, you will find that there are many items on store shelves that are appropriate for people with celiac disease to eat.  Included here is a list of acceptable gluten-free foods, as well as which foods to avoid.  For those looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and still enjoy a gluten-free dessert, click here for a recipe for gluten-free blondies!

Photo by pure.sugar on Flickr            License:  Creative Commons

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bathing-hot-springs-sun-reflecting-12765221What is Balneology?

For those of us that indulge in long relaxing bathing, whether at home in your tub, at a spa, as part of cultural rituals, or as far as an exotic location, hence I introduce you to: Balneology. According to Merriam- Webster’s dictionary, Balneology defined – “is the branch of medical science concerned with the therapeutic value of baths, especially those taken with natural mineral waters ( from Latin balneum – bath].”

Balneology is the therapeutic practice of utilizing mineral and thermal mineral waters as well as natural gases and muds through bathing, steaming, drinking, and inhalation. The science of Balneology can be found referenced in our world’s oldest medical literature. The therapeutic bath was used as treatment for a wide variety of ailments. The “father of modern medicine”, Hippocrates, wrote about healing with water in 500 B.C.

In the United States, we do not know too much about this science and it is rarely a practice that we incorporate medically. In other parts of the world such as Europe and Japan, balneology and hot springs therapy is a part of their routine medical system. “Medical prescriptions are given by licensed doctors for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, and utilizing mineral waters as a part of preventative medicine is widely recognized and encouraged.”

According to history, Hot springs therapy were well-known in the United States in the nineteenth century up until about the 1940’s. The hot springs era to include doctors, resort owners, and the general population believed in the many cures and health benefit as a result of therapeutic geothermally heated mineral waters. The FDA eventually prohibited organizations from making health claims concerning the medicinal value of natural mineral waters that were unproven.

Historical data not withstanding, hot spring soaking traditionally runs deep. In North America, starting with the indigenous North American Native Tribes considered hot springs to be “power spots” in nature. Native cultures utilized the natural waters for healing, purification ceremonies, sacred gatherings, and tribal meetings. Although the brief hot springs movement in the United States faded to black, there has always been interest by the spiritually inclined individuals, and naturalists.

As per the Balneology Association of North America: “Balneology is used for many health benefits. Balneology is used as a way to maintain overall wellness, revitalize the skin, calm nerves, detoxify the body, and refresh oxygen levels. For health issues, mineral water treats conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, skin conditions, depression, respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, locomotor and circulatory diseases.” ” Commonly found minerals include, silica, sulfur, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron, as well as essential trace minerals such as lithium, manganese, bromine, iodine, selenium and radium. Highly mineralized mud clays are also used in Balneology for localized treatments.”

Within our own backyard in New York State, we have Saratoga Springs. Saratoga Springs in Upstate New York used to be one of the largest and most popular destinations in the early 1900’s. California also had more active geothermal mineral water sites than any other state in the union. So the next time you are near a ” Hot Spring” hot spot, you might just want to take stop and take a mineral bath to feed and heal your mind, body, and soul.

For more information on Balneology, click here

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Overcoming Fear

4762616144_d47d0a8c72_qHave you ever stopped to think about what holds you back from trying something new, from speaking up when necessary, from making changes in your life?  What stops us from moving forward even when we know it’s good for us?  The answer is FEAR!  From a scientific standpoint, humans evolved to recognize fear to protect oneself from danger.  According to scientists, the role of fear and anxiety was to signal  when danger was lurking, and then develop a plan to conquer it.  However, the response to fear physically and mentally has not changed, even in today’s modern world.

So what can you do to overcome these feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt?  Life in many ways can be stressful and challenging but by taking certain steps each day, you can learn to break free from the barriers of fear and take on any new tasks or opportunities that are presented before you.  Listed below are 4 steps you can take to minimize the fear that is holding you back.  They are:

  1. Ride Any Wave
  2. Own the Room
  3. Make a Committment
  4. Dominate the Game

For a description on how each of these steps can bring you closer to conquering your fear, please click here.

Fear, in moderation, can definitely play a role in survival; it is when fear and anxiety overpower us, leaving us paralyzed in a situation, that it is detrimental to our well- being.  Use these steps to help you channel that feeling of fear to excitement, renewal and growth!

Photo byTony Fischer Photography on Flickr            License:  Creative Commons

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St. Valentine’s Day

5006_1163064833504_5784977_n       Chocolates, roses, secret admirer notes, an opulent restaurant reservation pour deux, frilly red things… these are the things we relate to St. Valentine’s Day. These are the “whats and the hows,” but what of the whys?  Some stories express St. Valentine as a martyr who helped Christian prisoners escape Roman imprisonment. Others suggest he was a priest who married young lovers in a time when young men were ruled not to marry until soldiering duties were fulfilled to Rome. He was then thrown into prison himself.  However, a young girl visited him during his imprisonment, whom he fell in love with and wrote the first “valentine” to.  There are other stories that exist but all follow the same trend: the love of another being on a greater than physical level. Though one can find themselves trapped, lost, isolated, beaten or physically imprisoned, the ability to love can never be diminished.

Whether you have a significant other to celebrate with or not, you can find a pure joy and a deeper love in everything!

Live the day in peace and
the presence of your own company. Go for a walk through nature. Contemplate or even make a list about how you can improve yourself or your connection with others. OR  Treat yourself to your favorite meal or desert…mmm those tasty cinnamon buns sound good! See your heart reflect within yourself.

Go through the day with an open heart and open mind. Treat the day as if there was no other day to be had. Make eye contact with people, shake hands, look up some jokes and share them with friends, coworkers, or if you’re feeling dangerous, a complete stranger! See your heart reflect within others.

Spread some good vibes to the things in your life that keep you going. Whether it be your pet, your home, a tree outside the window that you
you enjoy to look at day-to-day. A job, daily activity, or practice could be an excellent place to connect with your inner love as well. See your heart reflect within what surrounds you.

Be within a higher power. If you are religious
it can be found within that persona(s)/ deity, if you are just spiritual or nothing specific, it can be found within natural absolution that exists both outside and inside ourselves simultaneously. Say a prayer, meditate with a book or poem, sit under a tree, or just BE.  Regardless of your specific belief, it seems all things point the same thing: loving the divine manifests you in the divine. See your heart reflect within the divine.

Enjoy your day and much love from the SJC Wellness Team! 

Photo by: Creative Commons

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Aura Healing

aura_layersWhat is Aura Healing?

As spiritual beings having a human experience we are so much more than skin deep. Who knew that part of architecture includes Aura layers. Whether we subscribe to the thought or not, there is so much more to us than meets the eye. Aura healing is energy healing. Energy healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get your own energy to flow freely.

Aura healing, heals the spirit and spirit heals the body. The primary focus is on body levels. Aura healings focus on our spiritual energy system: our aura, our energy, and the chakras.

As per aura healing principles, the root cause of our physical issues can be traced back to our energy level. The physical manifestation of problems are symptoms of our emotions, our energy channels, or spiritual issues. Their energetic root cause is researched and then the work begins.

Aura healing fundamental principles state that all healing is self-healing. An aura healer supports a person with grounding themselves. An aura healer assists with teaching a person to be ever-present in the moment. The release of energy blocks to create more flow of your own energy is key. As a recipient, you will be required to be an involved participant. We are in charge of the healing.


1. The initial step in aura healing is to help you get grounded to become present as spirit in your body.

2. An aura healer then looks through your aura to support you in releasing any foreign energy

3. The healer goes on to assist you increase the flow of earth, cosmic, life-force, healing, creative energies through your major energy channels.

4. You are also assisted in releasing blocks and creating flow of energy through the seven major chakras.

5. If there is a specific health issue, a trained healer can address that as well.

Distant Healing/Remote Healing: Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space. Distant healing is especially useful when there are physical or geographic limitations. They can be revitalizing and help speed up recovery times for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Phone Healings
Healings by phone are convenient. This is a way to release energies and create a healthy flow in your aura…all in the comfort of your own home. Healing and readings sessions by phone take about 1 hour and costs may vary.

For much more information on Aura Healing go to:

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