Threading Soul through Sound

Music comes in many styles and flavors. Whether you turn on the radio every so often or have your headphones glued to your ear-holes, it is undeniable that music can be a great source of happiness. The organization of sound using naturally occurring frequencies permeates deep into our being and can easy stimulate all levels of our psych. Each genre and cross genre seem to hold their own personality. Some people are edgy and resilient, some are neat and structured, others hold high regards for spiritual ideals, and some just enjoy life and go with the flow; as does different types of music. But all these styles reflect an inner something that is also the basis of personality: expression of self. The musician utilizes the instrument and the naturally occurring harmonics as muse to emotion, thought, and spirit. The listener takes in the expression of the artist and explores the sound vibrations and perhaps lyrics using their own experience. These two participants, in harmony, generate infinite possibilities to how music speaks.

So how does music speak to you? Does it send you off to bed, amp you up, relax you after a busy day, entertain your mind, or help you connect with yourself and others?

For a musical surprise, Click on the Picture below that best suits your style:

                         e                           k                         v                           j

Photo Credit: Creative Commons
Music Credit: Respective Artists

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