Organic vs Non-Organic Food

8076220802_963688c08a_qOrganic versus non- organic foods.  The age old debate continues to ask if buying organic food is still worth the investment.  Numerous studies have continued to question if organic foods really provide more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants than conventional produce.  Organic foods tend to be more expensive and some studies claim that there is no significant nutritional difference between organic and conventional foods.

However, a recent study from the Environmental Working Group asks that you not throw in the towel just yet, and consider why choosing organic foods is healthier for you in the long run.  Although the nutritional component in organic foods tend to be higher than in conventional foods, many people choose to buy organic to avoid the pesticides, chemicals and hormones that are more likely to be added to fruits, vegetables and meats that are not organic.  These additives have been found to cause digestive diseases, headaches, premature aging, and food allergies.  For a complete explanation of why choosing organic foods is more advantageous, please click here.

Choosing to go organic will not only benefit you down the line, but will also help protect the environment from droughts and polluted soil, which in turn affects what we ingest.  Here’s to healthy eating!

Photo by:  Rosewoman on Flickr             License:  Creative Commons

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