How To: Polar Plunge

unnamedThe Polar Plunge, what is it? For years the Nordic countries have practiced the polar plunge in order to open up pores and revitalize youth. The plunges take many forms, rolling around in snow, diving into the ocean, or running straight into a freezing ocean. I would have to say that my favorite way to take the plunge is jumping into an ice lake.  The common denominator between all these is that the only thing between your skin and the freezing water in board shorts or nothing at all…

How to do a Polar Plunge:

  1. Scout your location
    – Make sure there is an easy entrance and exit
    – Look for your local pier in the winter, etc
  2. Get as warm as possible
    – Turn the car heaters on full blast or do some jumping jacks
  3. Head for the water
  4. Strip into your board shorts and bundle up
    – Lay everything out nicely so that it is easy to put back
  5. Commit!  Lose all form of common sense and jump into the water
  6. Safely navigate your way out of the water and towards warmth

How To: Polar Plunge from Chris Burkard on Vimeo.

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