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Long Island Adventures

Hike – Cranberry Bog Preserve, Riverhead

Saturday, October 4, 2014
11:00 AM
Presented by:
Long Island Group
Mrs Jane Fasullo – 631-689-1568
Registration Required before October 3, 2014 4:00 PM
3675-3815 Lake Avenue, Riverhead, NY 11901

Join us for this joint hike with the North Shore Land Alliance and their botanist, Andy Greller, to explore this magnificent community, complete with carnivorous plants, when it is at its most beguiling.

Cameras and notebook are encouraged for this learning experience. You are very likely to see things you will want to view again once you leave the hike. Taking notes and pictures can help you remember what you saw and bring you joy as you review your experience.

Registration with and permission from Jane Jackson is required as space is limited!

Contact her at 516-626-0908 or email her at



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Film Showing Tomorrow: Living with Bipolar Disorder

BipolarSaturday, September 27th
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
South Oaks Hospital
Chapel Building
(Loudon Avenue entrance)

*Panel discussion to follow film*
*Lite refreshments*|

Space is limited so please contact Dale at 516-869-4215 or to reserve your place!

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Flu Vaccines Available!

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the crisp air of fall, we can immediately feel the cooler weather, the change in leaves from an array of green to yellow, orange and reds.  With these changes, many people are coming down with seasonal colds as the body tries to adjust to the new season.

To protect yourself from getting sick, The Health Services Office, in conjunction with CVS Pharmacy, will be offering students flu vaccines on Thursday, October 2nd, from 9-2pm, in front of the Health Services Office, RM 202.

If you would like more information regarding the flu vaccine, please see the flyer below for more information.  We hope to see you there!

Fly Vaccine Flyer 2014.

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A Major Superstore’s Commitment to Wellness

Target has become one of the most popular superstores in our area. The chain has many fans because it allows shoppers to purchase almost anything they could ever need all in one place. Excited about this season’s new fashions? Need a prescription refill? Ran out of cleaning supplies or laundry detergent? Need a gift for a gamer or a music lover? Target has it all. An added bonus: the store is continuously adding more natural and organic products to the shelves.

Target recently launched “Simply Balanced,” their very own brand of groceries. The brand “exclude[s] 105 common food additive ingredients, and the vast majority of the items within the collection are made without GMO’s.” By the end of this year, the company aims to completely eliminate GMO’s from the ingredient list. The company also recently added more natural beauty products to their shelves, and is known to carry natural cleaning products.

What does this mean for us? There are Target locations all across our area. And in case you didn’t know, a brand new location opened up on Sunrise Highway in Sayville, less than 3 miles west of the Long Island Campus. Looking to do some natural shopping during your break? Check out the new store! To find other Target locations, click here.

To see what Forbes has to say about Target’s natural approach, click here.

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Sep 28–Oct 4, 2014

Hike historic and scenic mountain trails


  • Hike historic and scenic mountain trails to streams, lakes, and vistas
  • Visit one of the highest waterfalls in New York State
  • Enjoy autumn’s spectacular display of color


  • Lodging and meals
  • Presentation by a local speaker
  • Cruise on the Hudson River





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Battle Oily Skin With Natural Remedies

I was blessed with clear skin all through high school and college, but in my early twenties I started noticing an abundance of oil and a frightening amount of acne. I tried all of the natural remedies for acne – from the bacteria-killing tea tree oil to the world famous cure-all frankincense. While I noticed that the remedies I tried out did, in fact, fight the acne, my skin was still an oily mess. I decided to narrow my search and began looking into natural remedies specifically known to help oily skin.

During my research I’ve found conflicting reports about the use of tea tree oil on an oily face. Some websites list the oil as something to use on any type of skin because of its antibacterial properties, yet others argue that adding any kind of oil to oily skin is a bad idea. From my experience, tea tree oil does help fight the breakouts, but does little to help stop the shine.

While the reports about the tea tree oil have been conflicting, I have come across some oil-fighting tips that seem consistent across the board. The number one suggestion is to be prepared to absorb the extra oil. Carry tissues or purchase oil blotters and gently press them onto your face to soak up excess oil. You can actually create  your own blotters by cutting tissue paper (the kind you use in a gift bag) into small squares. Other suggestions include placing sliced cucumbers on your face or leaving lemon juice on it overnight. Cucumbers have a ton of vitamins that are good for the skin, and the citric acid in lemon juice acts as an astringent.

My very favorite tip, however, is to use Apple Cider Vinegar, a product that I have heard cures many ailments, but never realized was also a great skin care product. Many people argue that Apple Cider Vinegar can balance pH levels, preventing the skin from producing too much oil. The bonus: it ALSO acts as an antiseptic and can help kill the germs that actually cause breakouts! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be heading to the store soon to give it a whirl….  A review to come?


For more info on natural remedies for oily skin, click here.

To read up on Apple Cider Vinegar for your skin, click here.

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Welcome from the Counseling & Wellness Center!

5337671787_b22308a155_mWelcome to the start of the 2014 fall semester!  We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and are ready to start the semester on the right foot.  The start of a new school year can bring feelings of excitement, anticipation, joy but also nervousness and uncertainty.  How will I like it here?  Will I make friends?  Can I pass my classes?  These are just some of the thoughts that may be running through your mind.

Here, at The Counseling & Wellness Center, our goal is to ensure that we support the emotional, social and psychological well- being of every student at the college.  Focusing on positive mental health is necessary to effectively function in an academic setting.  However, there are times when obstacles and challenges occur that may affect your overall well- being and academics.  This is when we encourage students to visit The Counseling & Wellness Office to speak with a counselor so that these issues can be addressed.  It can range from relationships, a loss of a loved one, family problems, eating disorders, alcohol and/ or drug abuse, and many more.  All counseling sessions are free, confidential and does not go on your academic record.

Holistic and wellness workshops are also offered to all students, such as yoga, meditation, group counseling, health fairs and psycho- educational workshops.  If at anytime you find that you need to speak to someone we hope that you will reach out to us for support and guidance.

To find out more information about our services on each campus, please call the Long Island Office at 631-687-1246/ 4588.  For the Brooklyn Office, please call 718-940-5851/ 5734.

Wishing you all a successful semester!

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The Wellness bloggers are back rollin’ in from their summertime adventures.

Stay tuned as this year we post a myriad of writings on all-things-wellness; body-mind-spirit. If you want to hear about something, let us know!

For now, click here for our off-campus Mindfulness Programs and here for our on-campus Wellness Programs.

Check out our Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

More to come…


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