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Welcome to the Green Room

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”  ~Plato

St. Joseph’s College is delighted to have you join our growing list of frequent visitors to a blog dedicated to supporting and motivating the whole student; body, mind and spirit

This page is dedicated to researching and posting the most up-to-date information on physical, mental, spiritual and alternative health. Join us as we discuss new topics and encourage you to leave your feedback.

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The human body is a highly complex anatomical system that is constantly changing and adapting to the environment. It is an intelligence that functions on its own without our conscious assistance.

Learn about the body and the different ways you can eat healthy and stay fit to live a more fulfilling life. Click below for the latest postings in the Body Category:
The Body


The human mind is the seat of all mental activity that enables one to know, reason, understand, remember, think, feel, react to and adapt to external and internal stimuli. It is the organ of consciousness by which we are aware of our surroundings and psychological processes.

Explore the inner workings of the mind and learn ways to effectively train the mind to build healthier patterns that will serve your life better. Click below for the latest postings in the Mind Category:
The Mind


The human spirit has been studied for centuries and is still as elsusive today as it was centuries ago. Yet many have been able to capture aspects of the human spirit and document it through time.

Discover ways to feed your soul through various teachers, philosophers, theologians and revolutionary leaders that have left a mark in the fabric of history throughout the ages. Click below for the latest postings in the Spirit Category:
The Spirit


Nowadays there are many forms of healing that compliment our current medical system. Many of these healing systems have been around for thousands of years within cultures all over the world.

Gain knowledge on the various therapeutic modalities that exist and how you can easily incorporate them into your lifestyle. Click below for the latest postings in the Alternative Health Category:
The Whole

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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