Digital Storytelling

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What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling is the process of using digital media in the form of either written, visual or audio clips to tell your personal life story and share it with the world. Digital storytelling has evolved from spoken word, which is a form of expression that has been used across all cultures since ancient times.

Today, with social media tools at our fingertips, we have the freedom to tell our personal stories through various digital forms while simultaneously reaching more people.

Purpose of Digital Storytelling

The purpose of Digital Storytelling is to reflect on the moments that have impacted our lives, to learn about ourselves and others and to share these teachings with others. 

Whether it’s a trip you have taken, a conversation you had, a moment you witnessed, music felt deeply, books you have read, films you have watched or a person you have met that has changed your life – tell us! Join us on this journey as we share our experiences through personal stories, ancient parables, poetry, musical lyrics, aphorisms and maxims that capture the teachings life has to offer.

Pay it forward by sending us your story to post, passing the wisdom on…

Submitting A Digital Story

The St. Joseph’s College community is filled with diverse individual stories that make up the fabric of who we are. Whether you are an alumni, current student, staff or faculty member, if you have had an experience that has impacted your life and transformed you in any way, tell us about it. Send a narrative, video clip or recording of your experience and we will post it on the Reflections page.

All Submissions – email us at

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~Buddha

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