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Benefits of Omega 3

Omega 3’s continue to shine has having multiple health benefits, including reducing inflammation, preventing heart disease, improving brain function, and even providing that healthy glow.  You may be surprised to know that Omega 3’s, a polysaturated fatty acid, can be found in fish, seafood, nuts, eggs and tofu.   It is important to consume foods that contain omega 3 for the body to function effectively, and also improve overall health.  To learn more how the following omega 3 superfoods can benefit your health, please click here.

More information on what is Omega 3, which foods contain this essential fatty acid and its’ health benefits can be found here.

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Healthy Fats Can Assist with Weight Loss

Individuals tend to avoid eating fat due to the assumption that eating fat will make you fat.  Research has shown, however, that consuming the right type of fat, such as monounsaturated fat, can actually assist with weight loss.  It is best to avoid trans fat and saturated fat, both found in baked goods, chips and ice cream, which is what causes weight gain and heart related diseases.

Studies have shown that consuming healthy fats can help individuals feel fuller longer, thus, consuming less food, while at the same time assisting with increased metabolism.  The foods listed below contain healthy fats:

      1. Grass- fed Beef
      2. Olive Oil
      3. Coconut
      4. Dark Chocolate
      5. Almond Butter

Click here to read more about how these five foods can assist with keeping your waistline slim!

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