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The Healing Power of Green (Plants & Gardening)

The healing power of a green garden is appealing to the eyes, the senses, and overall individual well-being. Gardens are serene and known to reduce stress levels. Nature houses incredible restorative abilities for the mind, body, and soul. Consider bringing the outdoors in today with three ideas on how to get started with you very own personal garden. The space utilized will vary according to availability. A garden can be set up in your very own front yard, backyard, patio, apartment, house, or office. The choice is up to you. 

Choose your plant: There are many plants that you can choose from. A visit to your local flower shop or nursery is key when starting your garden.  The staff can help you with making informed choices in accordance with the living space you will utilize for your garden. There are hard-to-kill plants out there for the challenged green thumb.

Think petite: A nursery or flower shop have many potted plants. The sizes vary from very small to extra-large. Potted plants are beautiful in and around a home or work space/office. 

Get Fresh Flowering: Fresh flowers or a fresh flowering plant is just as exquisite and assists in healing and bringing positivity into our being and home or work space.   

Photo by:dizfunkshinal on Flickr          License: Creative Commons

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