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How to Stop Pain Naturally with Food

Most people who experience chronic pain tend to reach for pain medicine to alleviate their symptoms.  However, extensive use of pills can result in negative side effects as well as addiction, despite reducing the ailments.  Research has begun to show that certain foods that we eat contain pain reducing and healing properties.  Foods, such cherries, ginger, and salmon, have been found to ease inflammation, fight join pain, and slow down pain signals.  Furthermore, incorporating a healthier lifestyle and incorporating whole, unprocessed food, can provide multiple benefits such as weight loss, energy and anti-aging benefits.For an extensive list of foods that reduce pain, click here to learn how each one benefits the body.

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Assessing Pain

There are many people who live with chronic pain. Pain is an invisible, subjective symptom. The body of a chronic pain sufferer for example, a person with  back pain usually appears intact. There are no objective tests to detect pain or measure pain intensity. Pain is what a pain sufferer says it is.  In order to assess pain,  you have to take a person’s word for it.

Assessment of pain is key for effective pain management. Chronic/Acute pain should always be evaluated by your primary physician. Below is information that should be communicated to your physician in order to assess your pain.

  • Where pain is located?
  • What triggers the pain?
  • How long it lasts?
  • How often it occurs?
  • A description of it (dull, sharp, stabbing, aching, burning, throbbing)
  • Rank your pain from  1 – 10 (no pain to 10 being the worst pain)
  • What relieves your pain?

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