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Building Resiliency to Life’s Stressors

8331118781_1b85f3584b_qLife can be stressful.  Ask anyone around you and more than likely that person has experienced some form of stressor or traumatic experience, ranging from loss of a parent or child, losing a job, major illness, as well as violence.  How people respond to these daily challenges varies from person to person but the common emotion is anxiety, fear, nervousness.  Research has shown, however, that people are a lot more resilient and adaptable to stressful situations, meaning that one is able to “bounce back” from the trauma and demonstrate strength and courage in rebuilding his/her life.  This is not to say that pain and sadness will not exist, but rather that the individual is willing to overcome the hardships to move forward.

The article found here provides 10 steps one can implement to help build resiliency, as well as provide questions you can ask yourself to see how certain events impacted you emotionally, and how you were able to “bounce back”.  Information on where you can get help is also included, as well as additional resources regarding resiliency.  

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