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Acupressure-3-1-281x300 What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a technique that is related to acupuncture without the use of fine needles. The energies of the body are regulated by manipulating points on our body. The effects of acupressure assist with the emotions, relieves tension and aids with physical conditions that we may be ailed with. The points are commonly called “acupuncture points,” “pressure points,” “acupoints” or “acupressure points.”

Acupressure is ancient Chinese technique that involves the use of finger pressure on the specific points along the body to treat ailments. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the principles of energy flow through 14 meridians of our bodies. Specific conditions are treated by pinpointing the number of points that require targeting. According to Michael Reed Gach, PhD leading expert in Acupressure, “A skilled Acupressurist can integrate many complementary health care methods and therapies into a complete treatment. Examples include therapeutic touch, somatic work, healing imagery, acupressure meridian therapy, five element assessments, pulse reading, Asian bodywork therapy, energy psychology (which involves tapping acupressure points), and acupressure massage therapy techniques.”

Acupressure techniques: Pressing and Reducing Points

According to acupressure techniques, there are two ways that acupressure points are manipulated: pressing and reducing the points. Pressing points for less than half a second can already have a distinguishable effect. So for just trying out a point you could press it only briefly. For a full effect, pressure should be applied for at least half a minute. Optimal time to apply pressure is one to two minutes.

Locating points: “cun”

The “cun” is the standard unit of measurement for the body as used in acupuncture. Every individual body has different dimensions. The “cun” is defined according to the person whose body is to be treated.

1 cun = width of the thumb, in the middle, at the crease
3 cun = combined breadth of the 4 fingers, at the level of the pinky finger’s first joint above the palm of the hand
12 cun = the distance from the elbow crease to the wrist crease.

How to know if Acupressure is working

Acupressure is working if there is a sense what’s happening noted in the face. As per experts in the field of Acupressure, most points in the list on this site have some effect on the face. Many of the points also have some subtle effect on the quality of vision. You may notice clearer vision and see more colors. Meditation is a great way to develop the ability to feel the effects of Acupressure.

To learn more about Acupressure technique, the pricnciples of energy, the points of the body, how to apply pressure to the points of the body, and the benefits of Acupressure please visit: Below there is a video library for educating yourself on Acupressure. Go ahead and try…your mind body and soul will love you for it.


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