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Healthy, Comforting Soups for the Winter

3753677421_529e13b7da_qWith the cold weather upon and the start of the new year, it is tempting to reach for comforting foods that remind us of coziness and warmth, such as hot chocolate, macaroni and cheese, lasagna and creamy, fattening soups.  However, these foods may not necessarily be deemed healthy or offer any nutritional guidance, which can impact the progress of those looking to eat healthier and lose weight in the new year.

Knowing what is comforting, yet healthy to eat is not always easy to figure out.  Thus, if you click on the link, you will find creative ideas on how to make healthy, comforting soups and stews that also provide many of the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep the immunity strong.  Stay healthy this winter!

Photo by: jordanmit09 on Flickr            License:  Creative Commons

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