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Yoga Philosophy: Yoga Sutra-s I.3

Yoga Sutra I.3

tadā draṣṭu svarūpe avasthānam = then the ability to understand
the object fully and correctly is apparent

  • tadā  – then; point in time
  • draṣṭu – the Seer; the internal observer
  • svarūpe  – essential nature; one’s own form
  • avasthānam – established; state of experience, state of consciousness

Sun EyeSutra I.2 discusses that yoga is the ability to direct the mind in a chosen location for a sustained period of time. When this happens we reach Sutra I.3. At that point, the Seer is established in its own form and there is clarity. Thus, this sutra speaks of:

The 2 results of Yoga

1. Established in the nature of the Seer
2. Now we have clarity with the outside world

This sutra indicates the process of self-understanding, self-acknowledgment, and clarity. The result of yoga is clarity. Accurate perception happens when we are in a state of yoga. Why? Because the influence of the mind is reduced and the Seer is increased. The nature of the Seer, the Eye, is to see clearly.

This is the first time we see the word “Seer” so naturally we must ask, what is the Seer? According to this sutra, the Seer is “That which Sees”. This is akin to what the West would call God, what the Buddhists would call Pure Nothingness, and what others would call Light or Pure Energy. These 3 together make up the Seer; pure Consciousness, the Observer, Self-generating Light. All of these indicate what our true essence actually is.

Therefore, by being able to direct the mind through concentration (Sutra I.2), we are able to reach our true nature, the Seer, and therefore we are able to see everyone and everything from a place of clarity without the usual coloring that we tend to add to our experiences. These subjective colors are added to our experiences because we are not connected to this deeper place inside of us on a daily basis.

Experiential Reflections

Some questions to inquire further on this Sutra:

  • What does clarity mean to me?
  • What are the moments that I have clarity? How do I know?
  • What are the moments that I don’t have clarity? How do I know?
  • What does the Seer mean to me?
  • How do I know when I’m connected to the Seer? What does my life look like at these times?
  • How do I know when I’m not connected to the Seer? What does my life look like at these times?
  • Do I even want to be established in the Nature of the Seer and have clarity with the outside world? What would this mean for my life as a whole? What changes would I have to make? Am I willing to make them?

Sutra I.4 to follow…

Photo By: Ivan Mikhaylov

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